Here you will find frequently asked questions:

Booking procedure

How long will it take for my booking to be confirmed?

As soon as you have accepted our terms and conditions in the booking process on our website and clicked the button “Book now” your booking is confirmed.

When will I receive the travel documents and what do they contain?

The travel documents will be made available by e-mail or in the personal customer portal after settlement of the final payment. They include the booking confirmation, the rental details and all vouchers (pick-up slips).

When are the down payment and balance payment due?

The deposit is due immediately upon completion of the booking and can be paid by VISA, Euro-/Mastercard and PayPal. If you choose a credit card, the amount will only be authorized by you at first and will only be collected after the service has been confirmed as OK by our local partner. Otherwise the authorization expires automatically after 7 days. If you choose PayPal, the amount will be debited directly.

It is also possible to pay the deposit in several instalments of at least 500 EUR whereby the complete deposit amount must be paid within at least 7 days. The remaining payment is usually due 30 days before the start of the trip and can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Also with the final payment, a partial payment in steps of 500 EUR can be made.

In the case of short-term bookings (30 days or less before the start of the trip), payment of the total amount is due immediately.

What is a voucher?

A voucher holds a monetary value that can be redeemed on site with our partners. Please present it in printed form. The voucher is made available to the customer as a download in the personal customer portal.

What happens with the deposit if the requested vehicle cannot be confirmed?

We cannot guarantee availability for all vehicles. Should a booking not be confirmed, the amount paid will be returned to your account.

What are the cancellation fees?

1. The customer is informed that a general legal right of withdrawal does not exist for rental contracts – unlike for package travel contracts. Furthermore, it is pointed out that a statutory right of withdrawal does not exist. We point out with reference to the obligation according to Art. 246a § 1 Abs.3 Nr. 1 EGBGB (Introductory Law to the German Civil Code) that in particular there is no right of withdrawal for distance contracts, because the exception of § 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB (motor vehicle rental) applies.
2. Some of the motorhome providers grant a contractual right of withdrawal (cancellation). If this is offered, it is mentioned in the special rental conditions. CU Camper points out that in case of cancellation, however, usually only a percentage of the rental price (depending on the time of cancellation) is waived and the remaining amount is retained as a cancellation fee by the motorhome rental company. Details are specified in the rental conditions of the respective motorhome rental company. The customer is free at any time to prove that no damage was caused or that the damage was lower than the cancellation fee.
3. CU Camper points out the following: A cancellation is only valid when we have received it. We will confirm the cancellation to the customer in writing (by e-mail) within 7 working days after receiving it. If the customer has not received a confirmation within this period, he is obliged to ask CU Camper about the receipt of the cancellation. The customer is obliged to send the cancellation request in writing (by e-mail). As a matter of principle, the time of receipt by the camper provider is decisive as the right of cancellation is granted by the camper provider. For this purpose, CU Camper will forward the customer’s cancellation declaration to the motorhome provider upon receipt. However, in order to enable forwarding, the receipt during business hours (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. German time outside public holidays) at CU Camper is required first. If the receipt takes place outside the business hours, the time of receipt shall be deemed to be 9 a.m. of the next business day. Regarding the time of receipt at the camper provider, it should be taken into account that it is only during the operating hours of the camper provider, which may be located in a different time zone. Therefore, it is recommended to send the cancellation with a reasonable lead time. To cover the risk of cancellation, the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance should be considered.
4. There is no right to rebook. It is rather a discretionary decision of the respective motorhome provider. However, up to 14 days before the actual pick-up date, CU Camper will, upon request of the customer, try to find out the possibility of a rebooking with the respective motorhome provider and inform the customer first about the conditions of a rebooking (especially possible fees and additional payments). If the customer agrees to the individual conditions for rebooking, this constitutes an offer to change the contract. If CU Camper accepts this, a new booking confirmation and a new voucher will be sent to the customer by e-mail. In addition, a new/changed invoice will be sent. Regarding the payment to be made then, section 5 of these GTC applies.

How can I change or cancel my booking?

A rebooking or cancellation of an already booked vehicle can be made by contacting the customer service directly. To do so, contact customer service either by e-mail or by phone. The opening hours and contact information can be found at the bottom of the website or in the customer portal.

How many days before the trip can I book?

Since bookings are often made directly in the partner systems, even the shortest bookings are possible. However, it is advisable to plan the time to complete the work process of booking and payment. Especially in New Zealand, Australia and North America this can be delayed by 1-2 days due to the time difference. Only after that the complete travel documents are transmitted.

How can I tell if a motorhome is available and how reliable is the display?

You will find information on availability both in the results list and in the detailed view of the motorhome.
When searching for motorhomes via CU | Camper, the availability of the vehicles is displayed directly, so that you know even before booking whether your desired vehicle can be confirmed immediately or must first be requested.

We rely on various availability sources:

1.) Almost all rental companies give us regular, weekly or even daily updates, which are automatically loaded into our system. We have an agreement with all partners that we can send a confirmation to our customers directly when the status is available.

2.) With many rental companies (Road Bear, Best Time RV, El Monte, Apollo, Star RV, Fraserway, Four Seasons etc.) we are directly connected to the systems of the partners via interfaces. This means that every time a search is made on the website, the availability in the partner’s system is queried.

Due to these different sources, the displayed availabilities on our website are reliable for the moment of the query. We cannot guarantee that, for example, the desired vehicle will still be available one hour later when the booking is made, as this may have changed in the meantime.

If the vehicle is still available at the time of booking, you will receive a final confirmation for your vehicle within seconds, without the need to consult with our partner.


Is wild camping or freedom camping allowed?

In many countries there are strong restrictions or even prohibitions for wild camping – for example in North America.
Before traveling to the country of your choice, please check official tourism websites for more information.

If a country, such as New Zealand, allows wild camping, vehicles should have a toilet and water tanks and be officially certified as self-contained. To find out whether a motorhome rental company offers such vehicles, check the website of the respective rental company.

What is a Full-Hook-Up and what is dumping?

The complete connection of the camper to fresh water and power supply. A Full-Hook-Up is not available on all campsites. The term is mainly used in North America.

The term “dumping” means the draining of dirty water at a designated station.

How expensive are campsites?

The camping fees vary considerably according to region, location, facilities and season. State campsites are usually a bit cheaper than private campsites, but often less well equipped. They cost about 20 to 30 EUR per night, on private campsites you can stay overnight for about 40 EUR.

The prices often depend on the location of the campsite.

Privacy and security

Are the payment process and my data secure?

The security of payment processing and the handling of personal data via CU | Travel meet the highest standards. All personal data is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology for maximum security. Credit card information is transmitted in encrypted form to the payment processing partner B+S Card Service (settlement by Visa, MasterCard or Pay Pal (only for down payments)) and is not stored at any time by CU | Travel. The handling of all payment information complies with the standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

For further information please click here.

General Information

Why should I register with CU | Travel in the customer portal?

When you log in to CU | Travel, you have access to extra features. You will be taken to your personal customer portal where you can check the status of your booking at any time and contact CU | Travel’s customer service directly.

What do I do if I have forgotten the password for my login?

Click on the “Register” link at the top right of the web page. Under the “Log in” button, click on “Forgot your password?” In the following field, enter the e-mail address with which you have registered. You will then receive an e-mail with further instructions on how to choose a new password.

What are the advantages of booking with CU | Camper?

In the CU | Camper portal you can see the availability of motorhomes in real time and at the same time make an immediate booking with immediate confirmation. It doesn’t get any faster than this!

Further advantages of this site: You can see all costs clearly and at a glance and can choose between different payment options.

Who is CU | Travel?

CU | Travel is the company behind the brand CU | Camper, the online travel portal for motorhome travel.

Planning the trip

Is there a minimum rental period for the vehicles?

Yes, most rental companies have a minimum rental period of 7 days. However, for some rental companies (e.g. McRent) this can vary according to season and can be up to 14 days. In principle, you will only be shown vehicles that are suitable for your specified travel time and for which the minimum rental period is the same as your desired travel time.

Can I rent a motorhome on the day of arrival?

Pick up of the motorhome on the day of arrival is not possible / allowed in the USA and Canada. A hotel should be booked there for the first night before the pick up. Many rental companies offer a free transfer between the rental station and the booked hotel. In Europe, South Africa, Namibia, Australia and New Zealand, however, the transfer on the day of arrival is possible.

Does the credit card have to be from the main driver?

Yeah, it does. In general, the name of the main driver must always match the name on the credit card. Another small tip: always have your credit card PIN with you, because it may be that at some transfer stations a signature is not sufficient.

Are the rental conditions the same for all rental companies / rental stations?

No. The rental conditions differ for each rental company and rental station. You can download the current rental conditions by clicking on the “Info” or “Information” field within the search results on the website. Further information will open below the vehicle picture, where you can read more about the vehicle itself, the station and the rental company. Under the tab “Rental company” you will then find the rental conditions for download.

Are one-way rentals possible?

With most rental companies a one-way rental is possible without any problems. The only exception is McRent in Europe, where this is not possible.

The majority of one-way rentals are ‘on request’ and require confirmation from the rental company.

What is the minimum age required for booking?

As a rule, the minimum age is 21 years. Some rental companies have additional special conditions for clients under 25 years of age. In Australia and New Zealand, some rental companies allow rentals from 18 years of age (as long as the drivers have been in possession of a driver’s license for at least 6 months).

For further details please see the local rental conditions. For most vehicles in Europe the minimum age of the renter is 21 years. An exception are the vehicles of the Premium Group; here the minimum age is 25 years.

What do I have to consider when travelling with a baby / toddler?

Not all motorhomes are equipped with three-point seatbelts (this applies mainly in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa). Often, however, so-called Tether Anchor are available with which a child seat can be fastened. Please check for yourself whether the infant carrier, child seat or booster seat can be securely fastened with a three-point belt, with a tether anchor or even only with a lap belt.

What additional expenses should I plan for during the trip?
  • Tolls for certain road sections.
  • Catering
  • Entrance fees for attractions and national parks.
  • Standing fees for motorhome pitches on camping sites.
  • Gasoline
What are the route restrictions?

Some rental companies impose restrictions mostly due to dangerous road conditions or non-public roads. For example, driving into Death Valley in the summer is not permitted for motor homes. For route restrictions, please refer to the rental conditions and additional information provided by your rental company.

Which driver’s license do I need to rent and drive a motorhome?

In North America, you must be at least 21 years of age and hold a valid, national car driver’s license (Class B is sufficient) (card format, not paper). An international driver’s license is also recommended. For Apollo RV an international driver’s license is strongly recommended.

In Australia and New Zealand, some rental companies allow rentals from the age of 18 (provided the driver’s license has been held for at least six months). In these cases you will need an international driver’s license or a certified translation of your national driver’s license. Without an international driver’s license or a certified translation of your national driver’s license, the vehicle cannot be picked up.

For Europe you only need a driver’s license of class III or class B, which you have held for at least one year. Excluded is the premium group of McRent, which may only be driven by persons who have held a class III or class C/C1 driver’s license for at least 3 years. This is because these vehicles have a weight of more than 3.5t.

In South Africa and Namibia an international driver’s license should be carried.

How many kilometers should I book in advance?

Before booking, plan the stops on your journey and use a route planner (e.g. ‘Google Maps’) to calculate the appropriate distance. Then select the mileage package in the vehicle configuration that comes closest to your planning.

Where can I find the rental conditions of the rental company and what do they contain?

You can also download the current rental conditions for all destinations by jumping to the “Rental company” section on the detailed view of the vehicle. There you can read more about the rental company and the station and download the rental conditions with one click.

The following information can be found in the rental conditions:

  • Opening hours and address of the rental station (also holidays).
  • Details on picking up and dropping off the motorhomes.
  • Costs for possible add-ons and additional services.
  • Insurance conditions.
  • Amount of the deposit that has to be paid at pickup.
  • Route restrictions and surcharges.

Pick-up and drop-off of the motorhome

When can the motorhome be picked up and returned?

The motorhome can be picked up during the normal opening hours of the rental station, usually from 13:00 hrs. Exceptions are possible. The opening hours vary by station and rental company, on Sundays and holidays they are usually closed. It is recommended that you call the rental company after your arrival in North America to arrange a pick-up appointment for the next day.

In North America it is prohibited to pick up the motorhome on the day of arrival after a long-haul flight. In addition, some rental companies allow you to book an early takeover / late return. This is associated with additional costs, which you can see in the configuration of the respective vehicle / rental company. The handover of the motorhome usually takes place between 8:00 and 10:30 a.m., the times per station and rental company also differ here.

In Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Southern Africa the opening hours for picking up and dropping off the motorhome are also valid. However, at some pick-up stations the motorhome can only be dropped off in in the morning and only picked up in the afternoon.

What happens if I return the motorhome late?

Late return will result in additional costs, which you will settle directly with the rental company. We advise you to spend the last night not far from the place of return.

Who do I contact for questions on site?

If you have any questions on site, please contact the rental company directly. You will receive the contact details with your travel documents.

When you pick up your car, you will also receive an emergency number from the rental station where you can reach the rental company 24/7.

How much is the deposit?

The amount of the deposit varies from rental company to rental company. You can find it in the respective rental conditions of the respective rental company.

In Australia and New Zealand we recommend booking the All Inclusive Package or Value Pack, which considerably reduces the deposit to be paid.

How do I get to the rental station?

Many rental companies in North America offer transfers from selected hotels, usually near the airport. To find out which hotels these are and what the conditions for the transfer are, please contact CU | Camper. In all other travel countries, the journey to the rental location must be partially organized by the customer. Detailed information can be found in the rental conditions.


What model year do the motor homes come from?

The model year of an offered camper varies depending on the rental company and vehicle. When booking you will find, as far as possible, a general indication of the model year of a vehicle.

Is it guaranteed that I will get exactly the vehicle I saw on the website?

Essentially, all illustrations show the actual vehicle, but individual deviations are possible. The models, equipment, floor plans and dimensions may vary. Neither the local partner nor CU Travel GmbH & Co. KG assume liability for possible deviations. Requests for specific floor plans can be submitted using the contact form.

What voltage do the motor homes have?

Most campers have a 12 volt battery. On campsites there is a 110 volt power supply, or in Europe 230 volts. Remember to bring adapters for your electrical appliances if necessary.

Electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops can be charged via an adapter on the cigarette lighter or via the campers power supply system (if connected to the campground’s power supply system). The consumer battery in the vehicle is charged while driving, which ensures a power supply.

What do I need to consider for a winterized motorhome in North America?

During the months when temperatures fall below freezing (32° Fahrenheit or 0° Celsius), all vehicles in North America are winterized to protect the water/wastewater pipes from freezing. This means that the water pipes are either completely drained (not usable) or the water has been replaced with an antifreeze. As soon as you drive to warmer regions (temperatures must be above freezing), the water tanks can be used normally again. There are some vehicles from selected rental companies that have winterproof vehicles with heated and insulated tubes and winter tires instead of all-season tires. Simply ask our support team about this. Further information can be obtained from the local staff.

For new motorhome transfers, it is usually customary that the vehicles are handed over in a winter-proof condition. Here too, you will receive more detailed information when you pick up the vehicle.

What is a slide-out?

A slide-out is an electronically extendable element usually in the middle section of a motorhome. Slide-outs can only be extended when the vehicle is stationary and provide a considerably larger interior space.

What to do in case of small breakdowns or repairs on the motorhome?

In case of a necessary repair you should contact the rental company in any case before and discuss the further procedure. Often rental companies work exclusively with local repair companies. Usually the rental companies will cover the costs of the repair. When picking up the vehicle, the rental station will give you an emergency number where you can reach the rental company 24/7.

Which vehicle size should I book?

The vehicle size should be chosen so that all passengers have enough space. It is recommended not to use the maximum occupancy of the motorhome. Due to the wide roads in the USA and Canada a large vehicle is surprisingly easy to handle, even for inexperienced drivers. The respective maximum occupancy can be found in the vehicle descriptions on the CU | Camper website.

How high is the fuel consumption?

The consumption depends primarily on the size of your motorhome. Secondarily on your driving style and load. You will find a guideline in the following table:

Campervans: from 14 litres/100 km
Truck Camper: from 16 litres/100 km
Van Conversion: from 21 litres/100 km
Motorhomes C 20, C 22: from 24 litres/100 km
Motorhomes C 25, C 27: from 27 litres/100 km
Motorhomes C 29, C 32: from 30 litres/100 km
Class A Motorhomes : from 33 litres/100 km
Vehicles from McRent in Europe are basically equipped with a new turbo diesel, which can save you a lot of fuel.

Payment procedure

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is due immediately after the booking is completed and can be paid by credit card, direct debit or PayPal. VISA or Euro-/Mastercard are accepted. The deposit can also be paid in instalments of 500 EUR each. The entire deposit amount must be paid in full within 7 days. The respective amount can be found in the confirmation of receipt / invoice, which will be sent to you automatically after booking.

For bookings that are sent ‘on request’, only an authorization of the amount will take place for the credit card and direct debit payment methods. The amount will only be debited after the booking has been confirmed.

What can I do if my credit card was declined?

Check whether the card is still valid. If the amount of the payment exceeds the card’s credit limit, the card will also be rejected. You can have your bank increase the credit limit.

Alternatively, you have the option of paying the amount in instalments of at least EUR 500,- each, both for the down payment and the balance payment.

What are the payment options?

The deposit can be paid by credit card (VISA, Euro-/ Mastercard), direct debit or PayPal. The balance can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

Further information can be found here.

Additional services and extras

Do I have to do a final cleaning myself?

Usually it is sufficient to sweep the floors and clean the surfaces on the inside of the motorhome before returning it. The motorhome must be washed from the outside only if it is extremely dirty.

Are the campers equipped with a generator?

Generators supply the motorhome with electricity (if the motorhome is not connected to the power grid of a campsite) and are available mainly in the USA. They can be charged by the hour or by the day. About $3-5 per hour of use and $5-15 per day (see local rental conditions).

Are pets allowed?

Bringing pets is only allowed with some rental companies. Details can be found in the local rental conditions.

Do the motorhomes have Internet access?

The motorhomes are usually not equipped with their own internet access. But many private campsites have free W-Lan access. The campers of Roadbear RV and Britz USA can now be equipped with a Wifi hotspot for an additional fee. This allows you to stay online independent of campsites. For further information, please refer to the rental conditions of the rental companies.

What is included in the camping equipment kits?

In the USA and Canada camping equipment/kits usually include a set of essential kitchen equipment and other personal equipment. For example these could include, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, crockery, towels, bed linen and more. Many rental companies also have other special equipment such as camping furniture or toasters.

In Australia and New Zealand the kits include sleeping equipment such as bed linen and towels.

Please note that the “Camping Set” in Europe only includes a camping table and chairs depending on the number of persons.

What is a mileage allowance?

The mileage allowance indicates the cost per 500 kilometers / miles. Individual packages for free miles or free kilometers can be booked at the time of booking.

Many rental companies alternatively offer packages for unlimited kilometers / miles.

What is a prep fee?

In the USA and Canada, the so-called prep fee includes the initial filling with propane gas and toilet chemicals, the connection hoses for fresh and waste water as well as work or rubber gloves.

In Australia and New Zealand, the prep fee includes kitchen equipment such as dishes, cutlery, buckets, brooms and the like.

The Prep Fee is a mandatory service that must be paid at the latest when you pick up the motorhome.

Which additional services can I book?

Camping accessories

Camping chairs and camping tables can be booked with most rental companies for an additional charge.


Bicycles and bicycle racks can be booked with some rental companies. Since the holders have to be pre-assembled, the booking should always be made in advance.


Usually no navigation devices are installed. With many providers, however, such a device can be booked as an extra.

Child seats

Not all models have the possibility to attach a child seat / baby car seat. When booking through CU | Camper, use the option to filter for models with a child seat. In the detailed view of the extras you will then find an indication of whether it is a child seat or a booster seat. Please also note any age restrictions for accompanying children. These can be found in the rental conditions of the rental company. For all further questions, our customer service is at your disposal. In Europe, the child seat topic is somewhat easier, because here you can book both child seats and booster seats directly.

What is the Northern Surcharge?

This is an additional fee charged for trips to Alaska, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Labrador. For details please see the local rental terms and conditions.