What to do if the motorhome of your choice is fully booked?

On the CU | Camper website, we make the selection of a dream motorhome for your holiday as simple and clear as possible.

Motorhome on a road in rocky landscape

When searching for a motorhome, you can view and compare the available models for a certain time and corresponding locations. Ideally, a search query will show numerous motorhomes as available.

Our recommendations

WC & Shower combined
Gas stove
Dimensions (m)

7,6 x 2,5 x 4,0
Interior Height

Beds (cm)

203 x 152

132 x 101
Maxi Truck Camper TCA
Cruise control
No floor plan
3 1
7,0 – 7,6m
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These can be booked directly without having to consult the local rental company, as the CU | Camper website is directly connected to several rental companies and is therefore always up to date. Depending on the time of year and the region selected for the holiday, it may happen that motorhomes are not directly bookable, but only “on request”. This is especially possible in western Canada and in the southwest of the USA in the summer months – in these regions, various types of vehicles are often booked out many months in advance. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand, motorhomes can currently only be booked on request.

Landscape at Lake Columbia
Motorhome on a road in British Columbia
For trips to Canada, we advise to book your motorhome early.

In many cases, the vehicles that are requested can be confirmed. Sometimes, however, due to the high demand, it may happen that the motorhomes cannot be confirmed on the part of the rental company. However, this does not have to be the end of all holiday dreams.

In such a case, the CU | Camper team will look for the best possible alternative.

First Aid

As soon as the rental company has rejected the booking, an alternative will normally be presented in the customer portal within two days. The offer is also referred to by e-mail. If the offer matches your expectations and requirements for the vehicle, you can accept it directly in the customer portal – i.e. in your account on the CU | Camper website after logging in. It is important to act quickly. The offer should be accepted within twenty-four hours in order to be sure of receiving the desired vehicle – ideally even faster.

Search for alternative vehicles

If, on the other hand, the alternative offer does not meet your wishes for the motorhome holiday, the customer support team can be contacted by telephone or e-mail.

Camper van in New Zealand
Experience New Zealand in a camper van

In doing so, consider in advance what is particularly important to you in order to make the search for a suitable alternative vehicle as easy as possible. Also consider whether the travel period can be shifted a few days. With the filter settings in the search area of the CU website, the search can be optimised so that only those vehicles are displayed that fall into the desired grid.

For example, the vehicle type, rental company or vehicle length are some of many possible options that can be filtered by.

Good to know

Of course, a search should also be made for the desired period and the planned locations for the pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle. If you tell us the corresponding resulting vehicle types, we will attempt to secure the desired model for your dream holiday.

If the alternative vehicle is confirmed, you will be informed by e-mail and in the customer portal and nothing will stand in the way of your motorhome trip.

Several motorhomes on a campground by a lake
Larger motorhomes with slide-out offer even more comfort

If the going gets tough and no suitable vehicle model is available at the desired pick-up station in the corresponding period, it sometimes helps to look for alternatives in the vicinity. Sometimes there is still the possibility of starting the motorhome holiday from a different station, but at least in the same region.

We keep our fingers crossed that you can start your holiday with your dream motorhome.

Experience Canada’s wild landscapes
Start your roadtrip in Vancouver

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