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At CU | Camper, you can book a large selection of motorhomes for holidays in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, numerous European countries, Namibia and South Africa conveniently online. What are the reasons for booking online with CU | Camper? We present six points that answer this question.

Apollo Motorhome in Europe

1.Availability indicator
When searching for a suitable motorhome on our website, the availability is indicated for each vehicle. For North America there is often a direct connection to the rental company. This means that if the vehicle is available, it can be confirmed directly and no time is lost with enquiries with the rental company.

2.Attractive prices
Because we at CU | Camper work quickly and efficiently due to the direct connection to our partners, attractive prices can be guaranteed in each case. Thus, not only a large selection of campers, but also optimised prices speak for a booking at CU | Camper.

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3.Comprehensive price structure
The CU | Camper website presents all costs – and booking options – transparently at a glance. This way you see directly which services are already included or how much the addition of possible extras would cost. There are no hidden costs!

4.Competent advice
If there are any unanswered questions about a booking or general questions about motorhome holidays, our service team will help you by phone or e-mail. Our trained staff at CU | Camper can draw on their experience of many motorhome tours and customer feedback to answer any questions you might have.

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Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico

5.Many years of experience
In order to be able to provide the best possible help when it comes to questions about motorhome holidays, CU | Camper uses the experience of both employees and customers. In this way, all those interested in a motorhome holiday in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Namibia or South Africa can benefit from the know-how gained from many trips and reports.

6.Overview and filters
When booking online, it is important to keep an overview. CU | Camper tries to offer its customers an optimal comparison of different vehicles and rental companies on the website. Numerous filters ensure perfect results, with which you can incorporate your very specific requirements into the booking process and thus find the perfect vehicle.

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In addition, the CU | Camper team is constantly expanding and optimising the website and the product range – beyond the points mentioned. Therefore, when booking, customers can be sure to be well looked after and to benefit from the CU | Camper experience. See for yourself.

We wish you a wonderful holiday!

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