Which is the right motorhome?

With so much choice, planning a road trip naturally raises the question of which motorhome is right for you.
That’s why we at CU | Camper have put together a little help to decide.
Motorhomes from different rental companies in one car park
Typical motorhomes

What is a motorhome?

The term motorhome, also known as camper van, camper or RV, refers to a 2-axle vehicle equipped with sleeping accommodations, cooking facilities and a toilet. The size of motorhomes varies greatly: from the small and manoeuvrable van conversion and truck camper to the luxurious A-class motorhome, which can be up to 35 feet (11 metres) long.

A few examples

WC / Shower
Gas stove
Dimensions (m)

6,0 x 2,6 x 2,9
Interior Height

Beds (cm)

200 x 153

191 x 122
Travellers Autobarn USA
Hi5 Camper
No floor plan
Length: 6,0m
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How many people are you?

The number of people travelling with you primarily determines the minimum size of your motorhome. If you are travelling with more than two people, Van Conversions and Truck Campers are out of the question, as they usually only have two sleeping berths. If you are travelling with more than four people, you should consider 2 vehicles. Space gets tight in the long run, especially on longer tours, and you shouldn’t unnecessarily strain your friendships by being too close. With two motorhomes, everyone has their own space and you are still on the road together.

How big is the budget?

Determine a rough budget that you are willing to spend for the road trip. Especially with the larger motorhomes, there are sometimes large price differences depending on the type of equipment, topicality of the model as well as additional services.
However, keep in mind all additional costs such as flights, meals and petrol. Larger models in particular naturally have much higher fuel consumption than a smaller van conversion. You should also think about how much space and comfort is important to you on the trip.

Escape Campervan and small child in the desert
Cheerful Escape Campervan

Where is the tour going?

The ideal size and equipment of your motorhome also depends on the route and destination of the motorhome tour. In general, the more you are travelling in urban areas, the more sense a smaller and more manoeuvrable camper makes, so that you can easily get through the narrower city streets. In North America, for example, the roads are much wider than in Europe, so that you should not have a problem even with a larger motorhome.

In some regions, especially in Death Valley and Alaska, there are routes that may not be driven on at certain times. The exact route prohibitions can be found in the rental conditions of the respective rental company. So you should check here carefully before booking. The right choice of camper is the cornerstone for a great and happy trip.

How long will the road trip last?

As far as the duration of the trip is concerned, everyone must of course decide for themselves how long they feel comfortable in a motorhome. For longer trips, however, you should consider a larger motorhome, in which you have more space, comfort and freedom of movement.
Another tip: Calculate the days a little more generously. Time pressure and long distances at a stretch can turn even the most beautiful round trip with a motorhome into stress.

Jucy Campervan in the desert with open rooftop tent called Penthouse
Jucy Campervan with open rooftop tent

Choosing a motorhome

In the following we describe the different classes of vehicles in detail and give recommendations for whom they are particularly suitable. If you have answered the questions above for yourself, you should quickly be able to find the right motorhome for your round trip!


The very compact campervans are usually station wagons and small vans designed for two people. The best-known providers are Jucy Campervans and Escape Campervans. Some Jucy vehicles offer the option of two additional sleeping berths on the roof.

Campervans are particularly suitable for younger and more flexible travellers who are travelling on a smaller budget and do not necessarily want a large motorhome. In addition to the lower rental costs, the fuel consumption is of course also lower than with a larger vehicle.

Truck camper in Jasper national park in Canada
Fraserway Van Conversion
Truck Camper and Van Conversion

Van Conversion

These are vans that are converted into small motorhomes. They are usually designed for two people and offer more space and comfort than campervans. There are models here that are even equipped with a built-in shower. Due to the compact dimensions, the vehicle is easy to steer and easy to park even if you have to go into town.

Van conversions, like campervans, are suitable for two-person travellers who want to travel cheaply but value space and comfort.

Truck Camper

Couples with a child are ideally accommodated in a Truck Camper, as it usually has sleeping space for two adults and a child. These motorhomes consist of a pick-up that has been extended with a camper cabin. The driving characteristics and fuel consumption of a normal pick-up are combined here with the equipment and comfort of a real motorhome. This means that the Truck Camper can be used on almost all roads, including unpaved roads, and in all conditions. If the travel route leads to regions with less well-developed infrastructure, the truck camper is the first choice.

Cruise America C19 motorhome in Tennessee
Small motorhome

Motorhome Small (19-22 feet)

The smallest “proper” Motorhome is around 6 metres long and usually sleeps three, two in the alcove and one in the fold-down dinette. Nevertheless, we recommend vehicles of this size rather for two people or two people with a child.

The equipment is similar to that of a small flat, i.e. there is a kitchen with refrigerator, cooking facilities, sink and usually a bathroom with toilet and shower. Here you can also spend a rainy day inside and play board games at the table in the dinette, for example.

This motorhome is ideal for small families or couples who value a little space and full equipment, but at the same time still have an eye on the budget. For a longer tour, however, you should consider choosing a larger model.

Medium motorhome in Idaho
Medium motorhome

Motorhome Medium (23-27 feet)

If you are travelling with a larger family, the medium Motorhome is the ideal choice. But also couples with friends will find enough space here, as it is usually equipped with sleeping places for 4 adults and two children. Mostly the double beds are in the alcove and in the rear part of the vehicle, so there is also some privacy on longer trips.

The rental price and consumption are somewhat higher than in smaller models, but this is usually compensated for by the higher occupancy. With its length of about 7.6 metres, the handling is different from, for example, the Truck Camper. After a short familiarisation, however, there should be no problems. Only when parking should someone give instructions.

Owasco C28 motorhome in Ontario
Large motorhome

Motorhome Large (28-31 feet)

Similar to the medium motorhome, the large motorhome is best for 4 adults and two children. The 9-metre length provides plenty of space, with many models featuring extendable “slide-outs” to further increase the interior space. The generous layout of the kitchen, living area and bathroom makes even long motorhome road trips a real pleasure.

The rental price for the models under 30 feet is close to the price of the medium-sized motorhomes, from 30 feet it gets a little more expensive. Here, the choice of equipment and model plays the decisive role.

As with all motorhomes over 20 feet, it takes a short period of getting used to driving, but this is quickly overcome. Assistance with manoeuvring should also be included, with some models also having a built-in reversing camera.

Road Bear A-Class Motorhome close to a beach
A-Class motorhome

A-Class Motorhome

The Class A Motorhome could also be described as a travelling hotel room, even the highest demands are met. The occupancy is similar to that of the other motorhomes, in which you ideally travel with up to four adults and two children. However, the equipment and the space inside is much more extensive.

With a length of up to 36 feet, about 11 metres, the A-Class Motorhome feels more like a bus and the exterior appearance is also reminiscent of one.


The driver should therefore have some practice and no problem with driving larger vehicles. A helper should also always be available when manoeuvring and parking the motorhome. If you are travelling with this motorhome, you should check in advance at campgrounds whether the parking spaces can be used without any problems.

Due to its size and equipment, the A-Class Motorhome is usually the most expensive of all motorhomes and is therefore best suited for travellers with room in their budget who are on the road for a longer period of time. You can’t travel more comfortably and luxuriously in a motorhome.

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