3 weeks on the New Zealand South Island with McRent

A walking trail leading to beautiful mountains that are covered with snow
A walking trail to heaven

CU | Camper has been our campervan rental company everytime we look to book a campervan anywhere in the world. We booked them previously in Australia and found them to be the best pricing in New Zealand as well. They are incredibly responsive to any questions or inquiries we’ve had and I have only had amazing interactions with all their team members. 

We booked a McRent Family Plus campervan through CU | Camper for three weeks and again their pricing was the best of all the websites that we came across. Our booking was very simple as we booked through the CU | Camper website and paid through the site by credit card easily as well. It was so seamless and easy that the time savings alone might be worth going through CU | Camper.  

Several mountains surrounded by water the sun is reflecting on
Impressive mountain landscape surrounded by nothing but crystal-clear water

When we arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand, McRent had all of our information and our campervan was ready immediately for us to go on our journey. We rented a ‘Family Plus’ and it was by far the BEST campervan we’ve rented thus far. It was incredibly spacious and honestly the campervan was set up in such a functional way that I think it’s going to be our go to campervan going forward. The beds were all comfortable, the kitchen and bathrooms were perfect for our family to cook all our meals and keep ourselves clean. The Fiat engine was strong for all terrain and drove incredibly well on any hill or turn. There was also ample storage space for us to place all of our four suitcases in and also our outdoor furniture. There’s also tons of storage in the cabin to store your food and clothes comfortably with easy access to them all. 

Green valley with a lake in the middle
A dreamlike green scenery with a lake

One thing that really surprised us was the power that was provided from the solar panel on the McRent Family Plus. It kept all our devices charged so that we were able to freedom camp for up to five days without needing a powered site. Not sure if that’ll be the same for everyone but we charged two iPhones, four iPads, two battery packs and a laptop for those four days easily on just the solar charge. You really can’t go wrong with the McRent Family Plus if you’re traveling as a family.

We drove all over the South Island of New Zealand. We started out in Christchurch and drove an entire loop around the entire island. We even made it out to Milford Sound and that drive was easy but difficult at the same time. There were a lot of turns and mountains to climb but the McRent drove through it all flawlessly.  We did have a moment where we thought we were going to run out of gas as we forgot to fill up before heading out there but the RV even made it through that too. 

A family of four standing in front of a motorhome
Me and my family enjoying New Zealand´s sun

New Zealand’s weather can be very unpredictable as well but our McRent Family Plus campervan drove through it all extremely well. Even when we were parked during strong winds and rain the McRent held its own as well. I bring this up because CU | Camper rents out only the best and reliable campervans. As far as I’ve experienced every campervan I’ve gotten, whether it’s Britz, Maui or McRent, the campervans have been relatively new and therefore very reliable.

Having that expected quality when renting a campervan in a foreign country provides the right peace of mind as you traverse around a country. 

I have used CU | Camper for every campervan I’ve rented so far because they are professional, very responsive and have the most competitive pricing that you can find anywhere on the internet. Whether it’s Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else around the world CU | Camper should be your first choice. You won’t be disappointed.

Howard Byean, June 2023

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