Cairns and Queensland by camper van

Family on a Queensland beach

Howard and his family had their first camper van experience in Australia in the summer of 2022.

‘Our booking experience through CU | Camper was amazing. Not only did they offer the best price that we could find but they were also extremely accommodating. Our first choice wasn’t available so they quickly found us another even better rental. I really enjoyed my rental experience with CU | Camper due to their quick and professional responses and clear communication. They had great details about my camper van on their site so I was able to check and ensure all the necessary details of my camper van before locking down my rental. This made a lot of difference for me when I was first looking for a rental company because some of the other sites didn’t have all the information stated or made it difficult to find but CU | Camper’s site was great and easy. Being able to see the layout of the camper van with and without bedding by easily scrolling up and down the website page was a great feature that helped me understand just what the camper van would be like, space-wise, in both situations. For someone who’s never rented a camper van before this was incredibly helpful. Paying for the van was also very easy to do. They have a PayPal site where you can easily pay with a credit card. Once the booking is confirmed they are great with their email communications. I felt all the critical information about my rental, where, when, and how to pick it up was presented easily for me to understand.

Swimming in a lake
Swimming in a Queensland lake

When we arrived in Cairns, Australia to pick up our van everything went over incredibly well. We rented a Britz Discovery through CU | Camper but when we arrived we were surprised to have received a complimentary upgrade for our van rental to the Maui Cascade. In addition, the van was BRAND NEW as we were the first ones to drive it off the rental lot. Needless to say, our family was incredibly grateful and excited.

Maui Cascada motorhome
The Maui motorhome

The Maui Cascade was a great camper van. It had a shower, toilet, microwave, stove top, refrigerator, freezer, kitchen sink, oven, an outdoor grill, television, navigation system, plenty of outlets, kitchenware, coffee pot, two comfortable double beds, bed linens, pillows, two captain chairs of our kids, an awning, and plenty of storage for our four suitcases and four backpacks. It also had a detachable dining table that was easy to utilize.

For our family, the Maui Cascade was the perfect size as the van wasn’t too large which was difficult to drive but had enough space for us to comfortably live in and sleep in.

Perfect match

It had everything that we needed to cook delicious meals and the outdoor grill was an incredible addition where we got to utilize it to enjoy barbecues as we camped.

Green Queensland landscape
Beautiful Queensland landscape

For our travels, we ventured all around Queensland, Australia. At Mission Beach and Etty Bay we camped right on the beach and hung out, cooked and ate a delicious meal together, on the beach, and then fell asleep to the sound of ocean waves crashing. Then we drove to Babinda boulders, an area of massive boulders where we swam in crystal clear waters while being surrounded by beautiful trees. We then traveled to Murray Falls where we enjoyed a sunny afternoon hiking around the area and then making and enjoying some pasta beside the river. Our final destination was the mountainous area of Wallaman Falls. I was a bit nervous at first driving up small, windy roads but the camper van was easy to maneuver and the engine was more than strong enough that I didn’t feel like it struggled to make it up the mountain. Once there we camped in the forest and then hiked to see one of the most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

River in Queensland
A river in Queensland

For my first time renting a camper van, I have to say that I have become a lifelong fan. Just having the freedom and flexibility to wander off anywhere and just live amongst nature is an unparalleled experience. Our whole family truly enjoyed every part of the camper van experience and will be looking toward doing it again in the future. Thank you CU | Camper for helping us find and enjoy our camper van!’

Howard Byean, September 2022

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